Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tenants And Residential Roofing Can Be A Problem

Being a landlord is not the same as it was about twenty years ago when I first got into the business. Back then it was just a simple task of buying a property, doing it up with a little decorating to make it look and smell nice, and then advertising it for rent.

The tenants would move in and pay on a weekly or monthly basis, whatever was agreed upon. All of that has changed now. Things are a lot more complex as I need to take health and safety into account, insurance, and a pile of paperwork needs to be completed before a tenant even moves in. Tenants also have a lot more rights than a couple of decades ago, not a bad thing, but I do feel things have gone more in their favor than the landlords. 

I recently had to organize Austin roofing repairs to some residential roofing in one of my properties, and this caused a problem with the tenant. She was complaining about the noise and is now asking for a discount on the months’ rent. If the repairs had not been done, then she would have been sitting in her bed with the rain coming in.

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